iPhone Application Development

eTrue provides custom iPhone Application Development services by a highly skilled team of developers on request. We follow the vlaue driven software development methodology to effectively develop and release the software as per client needs. Following are the iPhone applications, we developed for our valued customers.

iPhone Projects

Dirt Bike 2D
Dirt Bike is an excellent combination of both rich user interface and entertainment. User can configure sound options and listen to music while playing the game, simply by exiting the game, starting the iPod song or songs, then restarting DirtBike. The game has some interesting features like best time monitoring, rich graphics and ability to upload completed time to the MAC server.

Set interesting blends of whichever surface you like on your iphone. Just place your iphone on the surface. Measure the width of your iphone with your thumb and forefinger. Keep your fingers on the surface. Move your iphone away from the surface until it is paralled and the indicator is displayed between your fingers. Your phone will then magically blend into the surrounding.

Event Countdown Plus
Event Countdown Plus is a long term (1 year max.) countdown clock that tells its users the number of days, hours, minutes until their event e.g. How many days till Christmas? Thanksgiving? New Year? Until your wedding? Find out immediately how much time until your special day. User can also set background music to each event record. This is a simple yet very useful tool.

Name That Baby!
It is a very handy iPhone application that can suggest thousands of options for naming your new born just by a shake. This vast collection includes noteworthy names from different ethinic origins and cultures including their meanings.

Extreme Skydive
Skydive is a 3D game with rich graphics and gameplay. While diving in the air the user goes through snow, caves, ice, cliff, through gorges, rivers, lakes, forests, jungle, streams, waterfalls, small towns, fields, deserts and beach and mountains at an approximate altitude of 8500m, with clouds at 6000m. Users can choose difficulty level, character’s suit and character’s helmet based on their own choice. Select music file from iPhone library or can keep on playing the default music.

iPotato is a recreational game which is designed to be fast-paced and high-pressure. Users can toss a graphical hot potato to their friends or randomly any where around the globe and similarly can receive a hot potato at any time. The potato changes color and sounds while user sends it to others in order to acheive the quickest response time and better scores. They can also view the sent potatoes and their status on the map using Google Maps API.

Photo Shootout
Photo Shootout (PSO) for iPhone and iPod Touch is a Game that uses the principles of photography as a puzzle/sequence/timing based (photo) shooting game. Users are initially trained in the Assistant module where they learn how to use the in-game camera controls to get the perfect exposure from a pre-recorded video stream. Once they successfully pass the Assistant module, they can enter the professional module being master of the art.

iPhone Camera Launcher and Synchronizer
This a simple application with great usability. User can capture images and save them to iphone then they can log in to a remote server from device using certain credentials and sync those images to that server for further use via XML parsing. Users can maintain a list of credentials for different servers as well.

Peek-a-boo Photos
Peekaboo Photos capture candid, original and unforgettable moments. The captured shots are synced to online server for further processing, resulting in fantastic prints using high definition printers. Currently 4 images are taken using iPhone in this application which can be sent to peekaboo online server any time. Please watch demo for further understanding.

Champagne Party
This features a virtual champagne celebration. User can celebrate alone or amongst multiple users connected via bluetooth. User 1 can pour champagne from one device displaying champagne bottle to User 2’s device displaying an empty glass via bluetooth connection. User shakes the iphone and the device vibrates showing that its ready, then user uses finger/thumb to pop the top off creating an animated explosion.

Tasting Rooms (GPS)
It is the ultimate map locator and scheduling application for finding all the pertinent information about tasting rooms with user interface of saving favorites and direct dialing, plus information about wine regions (AVAs) and wine varietals (types).

Golf’s Rules
This application introduces basic rules of the game of Golf to its users. This is meant to be developed for a generic audience ranging from naive to expert.

Skate Dummy (3D Game)
The is a game called Skate Test Dummy. An iPhone App. game using the accelerometer to convey natural physics within the fixed environment of the rider in a bowl.